Senior Art Director 资深美指     

15-30k/月      上海 |  3-5年 |  2018-08-09 10:41
职位诱惑:“资深团队 弹性上班时间”
Establishes visual tone, character, and messages that will effectively communicate with the target audience and fulfill the project objectives.

· Responsible for the proper placement, context and meaning of every image and graphic element within a creative assignment.

· Mentors team designers by providing inspiring direction for both projects and long-term professional growth.

· Assists ACDs and AMs in commissioning and management of outside illustrators, photographers, comp artists, and video producers. Proactively defines and assembles all necessary content assets with the creative staff and Project Managers.

· Works daily with the Account Manager to ensure all deliverables and deadlines are met within budget.

· Seeks approvals from ACD’s on all work before delivery to Account or Client.

· Participates in (and may lead) brainstorms.

· Assists in developing presentation materials for business development projects.

· Assists ACD in presenting work to client.

· Collaborates with other creative staff to share learning and experience and to establish initiatives that will improve Tribal DDB’s creative product.

· Partners with Account, Media, Project Management and Technical counterparts to enhance quality, productivity, and profitability of the group’s work.

· Contributes to overall office morale, spirit, character and work quality.
The difference between Associate art director, art director and senior art director is the level of experience of Graphic design and web production that the talent has.

· Proven highly versatile design skills. Portfolio necessary.

· Working knowledge of Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash and Dreamweaver (or other html editing software). Familiarity with Power Point is also desirable.

· B.A. in graphic design, Communication Arts, or equivalent





上海 |  100-500人