Auto(Client Experience)-Manager     

15-30k/月      北京 |  3-5年 |  2018-05-10 11:47
职位诱惑:“国际化平台 发展空间大 团队氛围开放”
Auto (Product & Client)-(Assistant) Manager, Beijing Office
Job grade: Level 4, can be flexible based on candidates’ experience
Client: top auto brand

Role summary: As part of our client experience team, you and the team will shape collaboration and lead the strategic development of integrated, cross-platform brand and product communication solutions. You’ll serve as a steward of clients’ needs and advocate for the agency’s excellence, while ensuring quality ideas and outstanding client experience.

Scope of work highlighted:
**both retainer and projects, covering diversified product lines under client’s brand
**demonstrate leadership potential in people management, account financial management, biz development

Career path you can envisage with us:
Up or across the organization, nationally or regionally, dependent on your aspirations after career talks

Tips before the application and interview:
**be sure to visit our website to get to know the company and the industry
**highlight your skills and experience that make you distinguish from other candidates
**stay true to yourself and demonstrate who you are during the interview
Desired skills, qualities and experience:
**Key knowhow: auto product knowledge, market insights and PR expertise
**Motivation: with goals personally and professionally to join, grow, advance and have fun together with us
**Qualities: passion and love for the work you do, with ownership and happy to work in a collaborative environment; also be open, curious and proactive!
**Experience: at least 3years’+ experience with a focus on auto product communication in local/intl agency
Benefits & Employee programs
**just name a few like 18-day annual leave, additional commercial insurance, team building, etc
**employee engagement: Employee Experience Program, Mentoring, Learning & Development, etc.


Be curious, passionate and proactive!



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