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职位诱惑:“高端汽车客户 团队氛围开放 晋升空间大”
Auto (Media)-Associate, Beijing Office
Job grade: Level 2
Client: top auto brand

Role summary: as part of media relations team, you and the team will help clients develop stronger, more productive relationships with media owners to the most effective courage and translate client objectives into stories that media find useful and conducive to the development of significant coverage for clients' objectives.

Scope of work highlighted:
**assist in media strategy planning, maintaining and developing media database and relationships, etc.
**also assist in leading or teaming with other colleagues in relevant projects, event, logistics, etc.

Career path you can envisage with us:
Up or across the organization, nationally or regionally, dependent on your aspirations after career talks

Tips before the application and interview:
**be sure to visit our website to get to know the company and the industry
**highlight your skills and experience that make you distinguish from other candidates
**stay true to yourself and demonstrate who you are during the interview
Desired skills, qualities and experience:
**Key skills: good media relationship management and interpersonal communication skills
**Motivation: with goals personally and professionally to join, grow, advance and have fun together with us
**Qualities: passion and love for the work you do, with ownership and happy to work in a collaborative environment; also be open, curious and proactive!
**Experience: relevant experience with a focus on auto media in a global agency is a plus
Benefits & Employee programs
**just name a few like 18-day annual leave, additional commercial insurance, team building, etc
**employee engagement: Employee Experience Program, Mentoring, Learning & Development, etc.


Be curious, passionate and proactive!



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