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Account Managers are the foundation of the agency. They are responsible for a select number of clients and must know client brands and products inside-out. An ability to manage multiple resources is crucial, from 3rd party vendors, popular key opinion leaders, client resources, media partners, while controlling for quality in content creative, operations and execution among their team.
客户户经理作为重要的基础管理人员,负责管理数个客户项目,且必须非常熟悉客户品牌和产品。互动经理必须具备管理多方资源的能力,包括第三方供应商、社交媒体意见领袖、客户资源、媒体合作伙伴等,同时,他们也需要对客户项目中的创意、内容, 运营以执行进行高质量的把控。

Job Responsibilities:
- Be responsible for all online activities: planning, organization, execution, tracking, reporting.
- Be responsible for content creation and adapting messaging to different social channels.
- Be responsible for project management, client communications, campaign promotion.
- Troubleshoot operation issues, ensure proper execution and achievement of KPI goals.
- 负责各类线上活动、营销专题的策划、组织、执行、数据分析、报告。
- 与文案与设计团队配合,根据各个网络传播渠道的不同内容要求,创作所需原创内容。
- 负责项目管理、客户沟通、项目推广。
- 解决项目执行中遇到的问题,确保项目正确执行和实现KPI目标。
- Must be fluent in both Chinese and English; spoken and written required.
- Bachelor degree or above, minimum 3 years management experience in advertising/digital agencies. Or in mobile, internet advertising companies, interactive marketing companies, social media agencies, brand marketing departments preferred.
- Understand client brand DNA and each product’s unique characteristics.
- Be knowledgeable of China social media (BBS, Weibo, WeChat, KOLs, etc.) and digital marketing.
- Must have good communication and presentation skills, be teamwork oriented, cheerful and talkative.
- Must be familiar with Microsoft Office software: Powerpoint, Word, Excel, Outlook.
- Be highly detailed and thorough in all work.
- Fast thinking and resourceful.
- Must be firm, confident, optimistic, open-minded, entrepreneurial, and innovative.
- 熟练的中英文听说读写能力。
- 大学本科及以上学历,至少3年广告公司或数字营销公司相关执行经验。移动互联网或互联网广告公司、互动营销公司、社交媒体营销公司、品牌营销部门工作经验者优先考虑。
- 了解客户品牌及所有产品的特点。
- 熟知互联网以及中国社会化媒体以及营销方式(包括论坛、博客、微博、微信、SNS、KOL等)。
- 良好的沟通和提案能力,注重团队协作以及善于激发团队积极性。
- 熟悉使用相关办公室软件,例如Powerpoint、Word、Excel、Outlook。
- 细心、谨慎、注重细节。
- 思维敏捷,懂得随机应变。
- 具备坚定、自信、乐观、豁达的人生态度,强烈的市场敏锐度和进取心,善于在变幻的市场环境中创新和开拓

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