Content Creator体育足球双语编译     

面议      上海 |  经验不限 |  本科 |  2019-01-08 10:43
Create Content. Content creation is more than just writing, it’s being able to produce content that fits our customer’s brand strategy and brand goals. Content creation comes with understanding what consumer like to read, and what people search for.
Localize. A strong understanding of sports content, especially Football (Soccer), and terminology will be essential in localizing for the Chinese audience. Our content should attract viewers and speak to a Chinese market and educate.
Research. A strong content creator has a backbone in market research. Understand market trends, important news, and sports specific talking-points.
Work as a Team. All of our employees are essential to each project’s success. Every project has a number of different people making contributions and a strong interpersonal communication skills are necessary.
Detail-orientated, result-driven, deadline-sensitive, with strong personal sense of work balance.
Goes above and beyond to deliver for projects
Has passion and experience in working in the sports arena and creating amazing social media campaigns.
Is strong at taking initiative and giving clear and constructive feedback
Must have knowledge of industry trends, intricacies of the sport, digital and social media strategy and marketing, and creative content strategy.
Must be comfortable writing for digital spaces including Weibo, WeChat, blogs, and publications.


Build a trusted network; Create shareable experiences; Inspire greatness;



上海 |  10-50人