Account Manager & Planner 数字营销客户经理     

面议      Shanghai |  3-5年 |  2018-12-13 14:00
As Account Manager & Planner at Digital Luxury Group (DLG), your mission will be to design, plan and coordinate the execution of unique digital marketing strategies in China.
作为Digital Luxury Group (DLG)的数字营销客户经理,你的任务是为中国市场设计和制定独特的数字营销策略,协调并执行这些数字营销策略的实施。

You will hold a pivotal role in managing the client relationship for key accounts that include a range of admired luxury brands. It will also give you the opportunity to contribute to exciting strategic consulting and research projects designed to further develop DLG in the region.

• Act as the key contact person for the client at DLG, providing daily, on-going relationship management
• Lead the definition of digital communication strategies to meet your client’s objectives
• Manage the project lifecycle, including but not limited to coordination of internal and external stakeholders, providing support during implementation and meeting project timelines, while consistently checking for quality assurance
• Leadership in brainstorming and meetings, with the ability to communicate and present confidently as well as collaborate with internal and external stakeholders
• Participate in the review, selection and management of local partners equipping DLG with a local network for on-going and future success
• Provide support in the execution of strategic consulting and research projects to further develop the DLG business

• 在与客户的日常沟通中担任主要联络人,提供日常持续的关系管理
• 主导解说数字沟通策略,以完成客户预期目标
• 管理项目的生命周期,包括但不限于公司内部和外部的工作协调、在项目实施过程中提供支持,遵从项目时间表、同时持续检查并保障质量
• 主持头脑风暴及会议,具备良好的沟通和表述能力,与公司内部和外部人员合作
• 参与审核、选择和管理DLG本地的合作伙伴,增强DLG社交网络,以促进更加成功
• 在策略咨询和研究项目的执行过程中提供支持,促进DLG业务的不断发展
• Minimum 3 years’ experience in Marketing/Communications in China working with international brands, ideally in the luxury industry
• Experience managing the client relationship and digital marketing projects that involve internal and external stakeholders, as well as creative and technical teams
• Project experience in social media required. Web analytics, SEO/SEM, display advertising, website localisation, online/offline activation, CRM, e-commerce are also preferred.
• In-depth experience and knowledge of the Chinese digital ecosystem and luxury consumer behavior
• Proficiency in MS Office (Excel, PowerPoint, Word and Outlook)
• Native or Fluent in Chinese. Good English communication skills, both oral and written.
• A self-starter who is proactive, organized and collaborative
• Strong presentation and interpersonal skills.

• 拥有至少3年国际品牌中国市场营销及传播经验,奢侈品行业最佳
• 拥有客户关系管理及数字营销项目经验,包括与公司内外、创意及技术团队之间的通力合作
• 拥有社交媒体项目经验。同时拥有网页分析、SEO/SEM、展示广告、网站本地化、线上/线下授权、CRM、电子商务等经验优先考虑
• 对中国数字营销生态系统和奢侈品消费者行为有丰富的经验和知识
• 熟练使用微软办公软件(Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Outlook)
• 中文为母语,或流利。良好的英语沟通能力,英语口语和写作熟练。
• 积极主动、有条理、善于合作
• 较强的表达能力和人际交往能力


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