Social Engagement Director 互动总监/客户总监     

30-50k/月      上海 |  5-10年 |  本科 |  2019-04-19 18:36
Social Engagement Directors are the leaders of the agency. They manage multiple clients, are required to constantly pitch social and digital ideas, ideate social media strategies and manage high quality execution across many different media channels with the support of their large teams of managers, writers, strategists and designers.

Job Responsibilities:
- According to client’s brief: ideate, plan, manage and execute brand social media digital strategies.
- Lead team in market research and analysis; develop successful competitive digital strategies.
- Understand and use a variety of media channels flexibly.
- Organize, manage, and quality control 3rd parties to develop client social and digital assets.
- 根据客户需求,制定品牌社会化媒体网络传播营销策略。
- 带领团队进行市场调研,并根据调研结果分析提出有竞争力的社交媒体推广策略。
- 熟悉并能够灵活运用多种社交或数字媒体渠道。
- 整合、管理第三方资源以推动方案实施的能力,同时能够监督实施效果,解决执行中出现的问题。
- Must be fluent in both Chinese and English; spoken and written required.
- Bachelor degree or above. Minimum 5 years management experience in advertising/digital agencies, prefer person who have experience on luxury & Lifestyle.
- Must have good communication and presentation skills, be teamwork oriented, cheerful and talkative.
- Must be familiar with China social media (BBS, Weibo, WeChat, KOLs, etc).
- Must be familiar with Microsoft Office software: Powerpoint, Word, Excel, Outlook.
- Must be firm, confident, optimistic, open-minded, entrepreneurial, and innovative.
- Possess strong Chinese writing skills and a sense of design and consumer psychology.
- Be excellent in planning, project execution and team leadership.
- Have high interpersonal communication and negotiation skills.
- Establish great client relationships and help ease the flow of communications between all parties.
- 熟练的中英文听说读写能力。
- 大学本科及以上学历,5年以上广告公司或数字营销公司管理经验,有奢侈品和生活时尚品/快消品工作经验优先。
- 出色的沟通和提案能力,注重团队协作以及善于激发团队积极性。
- 熟悉中国社会化媒体以及营销方式(包括论坛、博客、微博、微信、SNS、KOL等)
- 熟悉使用相关办公室软件,例如Powerpoint、Word、Excel、Outlook。
- 具备坚定、自信、乐观、豁达的人生态度,强烈的市场敏锐度和进取心,善于在变幻的市场环境中创新和开拓。
- 出色的中文文字表达能力,及对设计和消费者心理的敏感度。
- 出色的策划、项目执行和团队领导能力。
- 具备较高的人际沟通和谈判技巧。
- 优秀的多方沟通技巧,并能够建立融洽、密切的客户关系。

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