Senior Account Executive     

9K-11K/月      上海  |  工作经验  |  本科  |  2024-05-29 16:22
• Assist the line manager to prepare presentation decks, cost estimates and schedule
• Have a certain ability to independently write competitor reviews and contact reports
• Write executional debriefs and brief creative team on revisions
• Coordinate with producers for shoot requirements
• Administrative work, i.e. job number opening, budget tracker update, job bag update, shared drive update
• Schedule and set up meetings
• Update and keep track of all brand assets and materials
• Facilitate the relationship with junior level clients
• Project internal coordination and follow-up
• Ability to maintain relationship with junior level clients
• Excellent interpersonal and communication skills in English and Mandarin
• Strong attention to details, diligence in following up on tasks and working with peers across departments & disciplines to apply perfect account servicing practice
• Good organizational skills
• To be a task owner - high diligence in following up on tasks to apply best account servicing practice
• Ability to lead and manage 1-2 interns





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