Researcher 社会化媒体研究员     

8-15k/月      上海 |  3-5年 |  本科 |  2017-09-28 19:01
职位诱惑:“top brand clients”
Researchers are driven by curiosity and enjoy digging into questions and examining answers from multiple points of view. They are adept at quickly re-engineering the digital strategies of social brands by analyzing the results they see online. Research Analysts also know how to communicate what they’ve discovered, both through powerpoint presentations and face-to-face in consulting meetings with clients and agency partners alike.

Job Description:

- Execute day-to-day job tasks and complete basic strategy work with assistance.
- Understand and have knowledge of using media monitoring tools.
- Monitor and consolidate social data and digital influencer & KOL performance.
- Track and analyze digital marketing trends, integrated campaigns and brands’ social performance.
- Provide clear research results and analysis.
- bilingual English and Mandarin, must write English to a professional standard (preferable if they have written for publication, or have a English language blog)
- have a strong interest and passion for digital and social media
- preferably with experience in market research, business consulting and reporting
- ability to think creatively and independently
- expectation that the role will include direct client pitching
- bachelor's degree or above
- 4 years market research experience or above

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